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Monday, September 6, 2010

Identity Crisis: Blogger Edition

Before I begin, I’d like to thank Christopher for letting me take over his blog. By “take over,” I mean, letting me post some random bit of whimsical insanity that is only sort of related to IndyCar-esque things. In this case, “sort of” is defined as however much I want it to be. Also of note, my old work was reposted to "To the Limit" so you don't even need to bother checking out my old page... I mean, just in case you had the urge. This was a fun post to write so I hope you enjoy it as well. Oh yeah, I came up with these comparisons, so if you don’t like it, don’t blame Christopher or anything lame like that. -C.

As an IndyCar blogger, it is difficult to find a niche for one’s blog. One, there’s a lot of really great ones and secondly, they have quite a range in approaches. You’ve got straight up news, obnoxious humor, historical pieces, and a host of other things. Where does someone like me fit in? Or any other blogger? To answer this question, I’ve taken a cue from the stars of the IndyCar series and matched them with their blogger equivalent.
Roy Hobbson of The Silent Pagoda. He is rarely seen having an identity crisis. But when he does, you realize it’s because he actually knows what he’s doing even though he’s full of sh-, I mean, bravado most of the time. But, for the sake of my purpose here, Roy strangely resembles PT if you age him, make him mostly unemployed, and with less hair.
George Phillips of Oilpressure. The moment you read a line of text of George’s work, you know it’s good. Not only is it good writing, it’s also thorough. Not only is it thorough, it’s also precise and well-articulated. Sound familiar? A description of one man’s work (writing) can only draw comparison with another; The Captain, himself: Roger Penske.
Tony Johns of PopOffValve. For awhile, I didn’t know who Tony was like. Then, I settled on Will Power for him because they both rock at what they do. Even so, that didn’t seem like enough to make it work. And then, I was tipped off that he is “Mr. Nickname” and had bestowed the nickname “Briscoe Inferno” on Ryan Briscoe. After hearing of wit like that, I was sold. I mean, if Power, when asked what he might name his child could deadpan “horse power,” that’s enough of a display of wit for me!
Bill Zahren aka Pressdog. Everyone knows who he is and respects him. He’s got a sense of humor but is also known for providing insightful content. Not only that, but to form an analogy, Pressdog is to bloggers as Kanaan is to drivers. End of story.
Chris Estrada of Indy Racing Revolution. Yet another blogger that has been around for awhile and is pretty well-known, Chris blends a business-like approach with a healthy dose of opinion. I happen to be particularly fond of his “bean machine” posts. Anyway, Helio is much the same, especially given that Helio was one of the first CART regulars to find his way to the IRL full time and back to Indy.
Steph of More Front Wing. If anyone could be compared to Simona, it’s Steph. She’s got this knack for stating her opinions in kind yet firm manner all while being informative. Her assertiveness has quickly endeared her to many IndyCar fans. Does the idea of endearment sound familiar? I think I’m seeing a resemblance.
Monica Hilton aka the_race_gIRL. Brash, bold, and popular... there isn’t a driver quite like her! I think that’s what makes her rock so much. Aside from her hilarious blog posts, of course! If anyone could compare to her, it would be Sarah Fisher. Hells to the yeah!
Christopher Leone of Open Wheel America (aka HERE!). I think I got distracted by the reading the word “America” in his blog title and just inserted RHR because he’s becoming the poster boy for American open wheel drivers. However, my sources tell me that Christopher only wears IZOD clothing. In light of the fact that IZOD is a personal sponsor of RHR, perhaps IZOD should sponsor him as well. (Editor's note: It's true. Bought three new shirts today. LOVE YOU, IZOD!)
James Black of 16th and Georgetown. Never has a more fitting character been found for someone than Scott Dixon for him. He runs a straight up news blog, presents the news quickly and efficiently with little fanfare.
Paul of More Front Wing. Like Wilson, Paul quietly gets the job done. People don’t complain about him and you don’t hear of people disrespecting him. What’s really funny to me, though, is the realization that I picked a road/street driver for a blogger who favors ovals. Nevermind that I was totally going for the irony...

Will McCarty of "Is it May yet?" . For this one, I'm paying homage to his photo-shopping skillz (yes, with a "z"- get over it!). His most infamous images are that of the Son of the 'Stache- Graham Rahal. As such, those images have become synonymous with Will. Therefore, I pick Rahal for Will.
Jeff Iannucci of My Name is IRL. Although he has been unable to blog for awhile now, I feel Jeff needs a place on this list. Given that he is, as he hopes, temporarily out of commission, I see a definite comparison to Dario Franchitti. Dario stepped away from IndyCar for a season only to return as the driver to beat every week. Not only that, but as a seasoned veteran, he has assumed a prominent role among drivers in which he is highly respected. Same goes for Jeff; he was one of the first IndyCar bloggers and as such, he has the respect of many of us. Also, if he is ever able to make a comeback, it’ll be in a manner similar to Franchitti’s.
That one chick from To the Limit. Wait, that’s me! As much as I really would like to compare myself to Simona, there are other bloggers much more worthy. Besides, I actually had a startling realization while thinking about this. I could be Milka. Think of it this way, folks. I am a college student who plans to emerge from post-secondary education in eight-ish years, at which point I will have earned three degrees in an area that would not assist me in racing one bit. I have a sincere love of the sport and share that with people. Perhaps Milka should take a hint and start blogging?

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