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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain Dampens Indy, Dampers Practice

Constant rain has wreaked havoc in IZOD IndyCar Series practice for this year's Indianapolis 500.

Monday went by without a single car getting to turn a lap, as rain washed out all activities. Practice, which was supposed to take place between 12 and 6 pm, was cancelled at around 2:30. Many teams posted photos to their Twitter accounts of the soaked speedway, but claimed that their posts did not do justice to just how wet the track really was.

Cars have taken to the pit lane as of 12:30 PM, but with rain just a few miles away from the speedway, Tuesday's practice may be a wash too. This circumstance, if it happens, would leave teams with only three days of practice before Pole Day on Saturday. Unlike on road and street courses, Firestone does not produce a rain tire for oval tracks, quashing any such idea; driving on any sort of banking at such high speeds in the wet would be highly unsafe.

The Weather Channel's forecast for Speedway, IN suggests that tomorrow and Thursday will be clear, but scattered thunderstorms are a possibility for Friday. Pole Day and Bump Day, however, should be free of rain.

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