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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Timing and Scoring Still Has a Few Kinks to Work Out...

The official website of the Indy Racing League, indycar.com, launched IndyCar Race Control today in conjunction with the test at Barber Motorsports Park. While it's a beautiful looking piece of work, providing fans with a leaderboard, leader graph, pit board, fastest laps, and the entry list, it has been marred all day by technical malfunctions.

Drivers and cars that do not exist have been frequently popping up in timing and scoring due to bug logging, according to IndyCar Nation's Twitter account. In other words, while drivers and teams have used the test session as a way to prepare their cars for the upcoming season, the folks at indycar.com have been using the session as a way to make sure that Race Control will be fully functional and glitch-free for the beginning of the season. "That's what tests are for," tweeted the site.

Of course, that didn't stop fans from having fun with it. They joked about the series being overrun with cyborgs, with cars carrying numbers such as "91A" and driver names like "P2.I 9." Some cars carried words for numbers, such as "Green" and "Motorsport," single letters from the alphabet, or real team numbers followed by "$0." Some of these cars mirrored exactly what others on track did (for example, car No. 67$0 posted the exact same times as Sarah Fisher), but some produced fanciful and impossible data. One car was reported at having lapped the track in .01 of a second.

The data for the real cars, however, has been accurate - it's just been a matter of sifting through the gibberish to find the lap times. As of 4:30 PM EST, four cars have broken 1 minute, 11 second lap times as the track has warmed up somewhat.

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